I am a Traditional Witch, a Hedgewitch, not to be confused with the wiccan-type witch. I am no wiccan. I practice Appalachian Granny Magic, folk herbalism, kitchen witchery, and hoodoo. I have Melungeon roots as well as Northern European, and my spirit longs to connect with the Earth, Odon and Freyja. Cats are my chosen familiars. I can keep my hands in the garden dirt sunrise to sunset, and I can curse and heal both in the same day and feel at ease.

     I want to help people to see nature inspired spirit practices in a more positive manner without changing what it really is. Nature isn’t always kind and light and white. With all the information out there and the ability to come in contact with it I am still amazed at how much people don’t understand about what we do, and the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft, and the Christianized teachings of the devil and witches.



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