Pre-Spring Fever

We have 32 days until spring is technically here, but I’m already excited. Outside in our yard so many flowers and plants are blooming that I cannot help but to be intoxicated by their seductive charms.

Today I am stalking the mailman. I’ve been waiting rather impatiently on my seeds, Belladonna, Henbane, Hemlock, Mandrake…I can hardly take it. My hands have been out of the dirt too long. I need to plant and dig and bitch some about all the weeds I’m battling. Is it me, or has this been the longest damn winter ever? I’m over it.

I moved this Lemon Balm late in the season last year as it was dying. I didn’t think it would survive all the trauma of being moved. I have been proved wrong.


Lemon Balm, (Melissa officinalis)

And here the lovely Petunia Prissy Paws shows us some delicate parsley popping up again from last year. Watch out Vanna, she’s quite the helper.


Parsely, (Petroselinum crispum), and the lovely Petunia pointing it out.

Ok, Vanna is more lady-like, but it shows how comfortable she is with all this emerging plant growth. I have struggled growing strawberries here. They keep coming back though, so maybe they will find a way to get through this year.


Miss Priss posing with the strawberry plant

I am impressed to see how well the sage has done over winter in the raised bed. It seems to have appreciated the blanket of leaves spread over it. It’s surprising how much sage you can get from just one pant. I will make several fragrant sage bundles this year. Last year I assembled quite a few and dried out more than enough to powder for cooking. Delicious.


Sage, Salvia Officinalis

Female Holly Bush, How do I know it’s female? Because only female holly bushes produce berries. She scratches too.


Fennel, other garden plants may not like you, but I am going to eat you.



Nandina berries….beautiful but not for eating unless you’re a bird.


Nandina berries, Nandina domestica

Yes, I am always this pale, I just don’t seem to notice it unless I’m staring at a photo of myself. I had meant to gather a few of those sunflower seeds so I could replant them this year but it looks like the birds enjoyed them first. I grew sunflowers for the bids anyway so it’s a win.


Empty Sunflower pod

No one could ever convince me that magic isn’t real. Just look around you.

© 2017 Tabatha Land. All rights reserved.


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