Oh Belladonna…

I can hear Stevie Nicks singing Bella Donna in my head and I catch myself smiling.

I wish Stevie was a witch. Of course, I was disappointed to discover that she wasn’t.  I always had this idealized image of her, like the American Horror Story version of her in Coven, and I was sure the Bella Donna she sang of was the belladonna growing in my garden.

In her words:

Bella Donna’ is a term of endearment I use and the title is about making a lot of decisions in my life, making a change based on the turmoil in my soul. You get to a certain age where you want to slow down, be quieter. The title song was basically a warning to myself and a question to others. I’m thirty-three years old, and my life has been very up and down in the last six years.
~Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stone, 1981

The white outfit I’m wearing is the exact opposite of my black outfit on Rumours. Over that it says, ‘Come in from the darkness…’ [which is] the dark side of anyone, the side that isn’t optimistic, that isn’t strong. I’ve got to become stronger because I am very sensitive, and everything really touches me.
~Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stone, 1981

I need to do this to fulfill myself as a writer. I mean, it says, ‘come in out of the darkness.’ That’s saying, save yourself and come back. And it’s a serious thing. I had to do that to do the LP. I had to stop being crazy, or it wasn’t going to be done. Bella Donna was serious ~ I was not talking about a beautiful woman. I was talking about a beautiful woman becoming old and not beautiful. And skinny and too tired, the woman disappears.
~Stevie Nicks, High Times, 1982

This is sort of…the end of a dream. We practiced for like four years to do that. Thank you girls.
~An emotional Stevie after singing the song Bella Donna in concert, 1981

The song Bella Donna is about getting a little bit of my normal life back.
~Stevie Nicks, Everything You Wanted to Know About Stevie Nicks, 1985

Does finding out Stevie Nicks isn’t a witch singing about belladonna ruin this for me? No way! I’ve loved both her and this song since I was a little girl. Eventually I had to grow some belladonna for myself.  It just seemed to call to me.

Many people cannot get their belladonna seeds to germinate or they only get a small percentage to develop. It’s possible that their patience wears thin. Waiting for them to have their cold time in the fridge, or sowing before winter, is no fun. But, if you can force yourself to wait you can grow magic.

When I grow belladonna nearly every seed germinates and develops into a sturdy seedling. I feel like they want to be with me and that they know just what to do.

It won’t be long now before my poison garden of atropa belladonna,  daturas (innoxia, stramonium, brugmansia), black henbane, mandrake, and hemlock is flourishing and awaiting to do their magic.

©2017 Tabatha Land. All rights reserved.


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