Witchcraft didn’t come from your Grandmother! (Well, most of us anyways)

Can I rant?

This will be short and maybe not so sweet.

I am so sick of the “About” sections of witchcraft blogs where the author tells everyone a load of bull, including my favorite- “My GRANDMOTHER taught me”…..

What-the-fuck-ever. No one believes you. Let’s just get that out in the open.

Why is it always someone’s grandmother? Why not their dad, their cousin, their mom, or their aunt? Why is it that a grandmother only teaches her grandchildren? Because this is bullshit most of the time!

For anyone who honest to goodness was actually taught by their very own grandmother I applaud you and hush my foul mouth. For all you fibbers- take that shit down, it makes you look stupid.

In my own personal situation, my grandmother did not teach me witchcraft. She may have done a few things unknowingly (and not thinking it was witchcraft) in front of me, but she was most definitely not trying to teach witchcraft. I’ve heard a lot from her, while I was eavesdropping and not minding my business, about attempting séances when she was a kid with her sisters, dowsing for water, using a pendulum to determine the sex of a baby, and using herbs to heal.

My mother would’ve grown another head and bit mine off before teaching me witchcraft. She knew about blowing in a baby’s mouth to cure thrush, she knew about smudging, and no one I know could match her power with herbs, but she would’ve never called it witchcraft. I had no family members claiming to know magick, yet I picked up on magick from them.

My biggest spiritual and magickal inspiration growing up has to be from my sister who’s only five years older than me, and with the same amount of experience as me. She was pulled to it, and told me right away, and we just kind of did this together.  It does not make it any less mysterious, special, magickal, or amazing that it did not come from my grandmother.

Admit it, maybe you are one hell of a witch, but you learned it from delving through a bunch of books. Maybe some were corny, some were scary, and some were awe inspiring powerful. Or maybe you learned it from someone unexpected. That is pretty cool.

I can admit where I learned it and be proud. A bit of watching and learning, and a bit of partnering up with my sister to learn something. In my area of Kentucky, what we see as magick growing up came in the form of “old wives tales”, and that shit is strong magick!


©2017 Tabatha Land. All rights reserved.


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