Witches Behaving Badly

I wanted to share a few of the ridiculous photos in history of how Witches are wrongly portrayed.



1579 woodcut showing a witch feeding her toad familiar spirits, taken from a publication that dealt with the witch trials of Elizabeth Stile, Mother Dutten, Mother Devell and Mother Margaret in Windsor, 1579.



The Obscene Kiss, an illustration of witches kissing the Devil’s anus



Saducismus Triumphatus 




Children being offered to the devil by witches. Used in the trial of Agnes Sampsoune in 1591, she was part of the North Berwick witch hunt, and was interrogated by King James VI himself when she eventually confessed to practicing witchcraft.


Satan sits on his throne at the center of a witches sabbath; two witches cook dismembered infants in a cauldron; devils feast on them on the left. Line engraving, 18th century, Bartholomeus Sprange, artist to the imperial court in Prague


Witch’s Sabbath; Hans Baldung 1510


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